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We created IntoWishin’ Arts to give artists with disabilities a marketplace to sell their designs, and to provide nonprofits supporting these amazing artists additional resources to create even more beautiful things!

We curate creative works from artists living with disabilities and turn them into products for you to buy. When you purchase these products our artists are paid above industry royalties and we donate to non-profits who support their creative development.

Featured Artist

Malachi Schmidt, 17-year-old savant artist resides in Fond du lac Wisconsin, drawing and painting anything from commissioned pet portraits, to influential people in history.

Malachi's story

Malachi Schmidt

Jessica Williams

Henry Weidert

Our story

Our mission

To give adults living with disabilities the more opportunities
to practice and explore their creative "possAbilities" and increase personal independence through the sale of their designs. 

We're in business to create financial opportunities and independence for creative individuals living with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. ALL ORIGINAL ARTISTS, MENTORS and SUPPORTING NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS
will receive above industry standard royalties for their original work.