FEATURED ARTIST: Malachi Schmidt

Malachi Schmidt, a 17-year-old savant artist resides in Fond du lac Wisconsin, drawing and painting anything from commissioned pet portraits, to influential people in history. His experience growing up with autism gives him a unique perspective and voice that comes through his art in an unmistakable style, while abstract, somehow captures the true essence of his subjects that others might miss.

I am inspired by comic book art and animated films like "into the spider-verse"  and other artist's work, like Van Gogh and Picasso. My mom is an artist and I started drawing with her at a young age, but I have not had any formal training.

I have participated in art walks, our local farmers market, drawing the dogs I see there. I have had art shows at the Riverwalk art center, and in 2017 I went to Philadelphia with my Gramma and drew portraits during an event there ! which was awesome. Also in 2017, I got to meet one of my favorite artists, Ping Lian, we created art together at a special event for the Treffert Center. I drew his portrait and gave it to him, and he gave me one of his drawings. I use drawing as a way to connect with people and create my own world.