FEATURED ARTIST: Alyona Zhuk displaced artist from Ukraine

The Benefit Ukraine Collection: Raise Awareness and Support Ukraine

Alyona Zhuk is a Ukrainian tattoo artist and illustrator who, along with her young daughter was evacuated from her hometown of Kyiv and is now temporarily based in Konstanz, Germany. We came across Alyona in an online news story about artists doing what they can to help the war and relief effort.


In her own words: 

"Greetings. I am a tattoo artist and illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine. After Russia started its full-scale war in Ukraine, I evacuated from my homeland with my 8-years-old daughter, my dog, and my cat. I am temporarily based in Konstanz, Germany. If you like my art, you can support me with your donations: it will give me more time to draw for donations to the Ukrainian army and to create patriotic illustrations that depict Ukraine's fight for its freedom.

Lots of you have already supported the Ukrainian army that has been defending my country from a full-scale Russian war and I am grateful for that. For every kind word, for every post in social media, for your participation in the demonstrations all over the world, for the money you donated.

However, the war is still here. Russia keeps invading our cities and villages, dropping bombs, killing people. And our soldiers keep defending us.
The only thing I can do now except hoping is to keep being an artist."

As war-ravaged her country, Alyona had the idea to use her art as a means to support the war effort. She began offering online drawings to her Instagram audience for donations of $35 (US) to a Ukrainian nonprofit organization that provides assistance to the army.


About the donation:

As news of the invasion—and its consequences for the Ukrainian people has spread, many of us have watched in horror, feeling desperate to help. Well, here is a chance to provide financial assistance and raise awareness here in the United States that the fight in Ukraine is long from over.

Along with artist, Alyona Zhuk, Intowishin' Arts will donate 100% of the net profits from the sale of Alyona's Benefit Ukraine Collection to two organizations in Ukraine. Both organizations were featured in US media outlets as reputable ways to help the Ukrainian people.

FAST COMPANY: "How to Help the People of Ukraine"

FORBES: 13 Ways to Help the Ukrainian People Right Now.

Come Back Alive is a local organization to which The Kyiv Independent has suggested donating to. It supports the Ukrainian military by offering supplies, protection, training, and psychological support to soldiers. About Come Back Alive

Razom is providing critical humanitarian war relief and recovery to address the most urgent needs as they evolve. Razom is evacuating vulnerable populations.  At the start of the war, Razom volunteers in Ukraine began evacuating children with disabilities and their families from at-risk areas. Razom is also advocating for Ukraine by educating about policies that strengthen and support Ukraine and its relationship with the US. About Razom for Ukraine


Support Alyona and her family directly:

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